December 2011 Affiliate Earnings

Written by admin on January 5th, 2012. Posted in Gambling News

The Gambling Affiliate team is now going to be on a monthly basis reporting on its earnings and its thoughts re the various programs that it partners with. We took a long awaited trip to Las Vegas this year and had a fantastic Christmas and New Years in Sin City and at the same time managed to look at a host of games and products.

December 2011 earnings have proven to be very decent with our top earning position going to Wager Junction. This program makes use of the Playtech Casino Affiliate software and performed well with 20 first time depositors and good retention. They have also updated the marketing tools page with a new layout which makes it easy to check out their various tools.

Another good performer was Betfair although earnings were a bit shoddy, conversion was great so we are going to continue pushing them as they seem to look after players and that is critical for us. Slotland Affiliates as per usual reported decent consistent earnings for us. Actually they were about 20% up on average earnings in December. What lets this program down is the actual detailed reporting. Gambling Affiliates are not able to tell how many first time depositors they get for a specific time period and that makes it hard to tweak any campaigns you are running.

We did have a running battle with Brightshare this month re our link structure. It seemed they were filtering out all traffic that was being redirected via a /links/ redirect. Who knows how much traffic and earnings has been lost due to this. It took a week of emails to get them to understand why this was an issue. Check your Brightshare links if you are using redirects as the problem might not be resolved for all. They seem to have a word block list in place.

Overall earnings are way up on the previous month thanks to a very good month at Wager Junction. If you are looking for a decent product to promote in international markets and Canada then you will not go wrong by giving some space to this bunch and making use of their range of tools including their Free Flash games.

Written for Gambling Affiliate by Greg.



Casino Coins Closes Down

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The events of Black Friday in the Internet Poker industry continue to take casualties. The respected Casino Affiliate program – Casino Coins has as of the 1st of August closed its doors and its Casinos. Casino Coins was one of the most popular Affiliate programs within the Gambling Affiliate world and many webmasters are sad to see it go.

There have been a number of queries on forum boards in recent times asking if Casino Coins had made final payments. We have recieved our final payment and it was significant enough to be felt and we are of the opinion that the Casino Coins people will honour all of the payments they are required to make. They are that kind of progam.

RIP Casino Coins and hopefully we will see you return to life at some stage in the future.

BetUS Affiliate Program Issues

Written by admin on June 16th, 2011. Posted in Gambling News

The fallout from the events of Black Friday in the poker world continue to affect gambling webmasters in the industry.  The BetUS affiliate program has seemingly been suspended from the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association for a number of breaches of the code of conduct. In a recent post the Executive Director of the GPWA, Michael Corfman laid out in full why the suspension was put in place.

The following are the reasons he has given for the suspension.
1. BetUS partners have become non-responsive to requests by the GPWA for information about the program.
2. The BetUS Poker and Casino site are reportedly now excluded from the BetUS Partner affiliate program.
3. The no-negative carryover rule that was previously in place has been dropped and negative earnings are now carried forward.
4. Payments for March have been made, but not payments for April or May at this point in time.
5. Affiliate reporting stats have not been available for several weeks, but it is reported they should be available again in about a week.
6. After BetUS announced that no new U.S. players would be accepted there was a period of time where new U.S. players were accepted but not credited to affiliates, but, at the present time, new U.S. players are no longer accepted.

It seems that the action taken by the Federal authorities has had a severe impact on gambling businesses that are US facing. In recent times we have seen the closure and the changing of terms of a number of gambling affiliate programs. The question needs to be asked, should these companies be allowed to change their Terms and Conditions to adapt to a new reality. Everything is always fine when the money rolls in , but what happens when these funds get cut off. Well a situation like we are in at the moment is what seems to happen. Perhaps it is time that the webmaster community within the gambling industry started to look at it self and instead of promoting non legal operations, it should only promote legal, licensed operations. Take a look at the full thread on the GPWA re BetUS issues.

Avoid Bewinners Affiliate Program

Written by admin on June 12th, 2011. Posted in Gambling News

Every now and again we feel the need to specifically highlight an affiliate program that needs to be avoided.In this post we want to highlight the Bewinners Affiliate program. This particular gambling affiliate program is the affiliate marketing arm of Bewin. It is quite simply put an affiliate program that needs to be avoided. The reasons for us coming to this conclusion are quite simple. The program implements what we and other marketers consider to be predatory policies. They will happily take your players but if for some reason there is no activity on your account for 90 days they will close your account and you will loose all of the players sent to them.

There have been a variety of posts in all of the major forums including this insight into a mail exchange between someone who had been marketing Bewin and Bewinners staff. Check out the thread.

It seems that the policies of this gambling affiliate program are at odds with what internet marketers consider the norm and to be honest from reading the mail exchange at the above thread , would you want to be dealing with a company like that. They appear not to even be able to make a wire payment so how can you trust their stats.

We would like to point you to a site that describes in full what you can expect from the Bewinners Affiliate program.

Google Plus One button

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The fightback has started. Google has officially launched its answer to the Facebook Like button and we have intergrated it onto our site to see what kind of response it gets. We scanned the Wager Junction Casino Affiliate news who broke with the story on Friday about the release of the Google Plus one button and asked if affiliates are likely to use the feature.

We do think that Casino affiliates are likely to use the feature. Anything that will make content viral is to be applauded. We are wondering if the Casino affiliate program is going to use it and so we have fired off an email to the management team at Wager Junction.

It is fairly easy to implement the button. Here is a link to the official Google Plus One page. The growing influence of Social Media is very apparent and this is yet another tool that can be added to a marketers arsenal of tools.

Bingo Summit 2011

Written by admin on June 3rd, 2011. Posted in Gambling News

The annual Bullet Business Bingo Summit has recently taken place in London. It is the only annual conference dedicated to Bingo. Although we were not present for the first time this year, we were advised that attendance figures were down on previous years which is a shame. The even brings together operators as well as affiliates and venture capitalists. As we run a number of bingo sites we have in past years made this a part of our annual pilgrimage and have found it a very useful conference to attend.

Each year the conference hosts an awards cermony which highlights the top brands that have excelled in the various sections of the bingo sphere. We wanted to highlight the winners of the Best Bingo Affiliate program. The Joy of Bingo affiliate program has this year won the prize and for very good reason. We can tell you first hand what a wondrful bunch they are but we will give you the reasons as to why we think they are leaps and bounds ahead.

job003 Bingo Summit 2011

The bingo products that they represent offer fantastic CRM and retention. That means more money for you as a Bingo affiliate. The marketing material and reporting on the program are of an excellent quality. Simple but effective. The constant flow of information via various methods and the quality of the Affiliate management team are superb.

We think they are well deserved winners and should have won this award in previous years. You wont find this affiliate program advertised on Gambling Forums as they tend to spend thier cash on providing incentives to affiliates, which if you think about it is really the way it should be done. We would like to congratulate the Joy of Bingo affiliate team on the award and hope that they manage to win many more of this kind of award in the future.

Check out the Joy of Bingo Affiliate program.


Gambling Domain Seizures by DOJ

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Following the events of what has come to be known as Black Friday, the Department of Justice in the United States has followed up by seizing more domains. Apparently they have also conducted an undercover operation by launching a payment processor so that they were able to follow the trail of money and have also seized 11 bank accounts in countries as far ranging as Cyprus and Portugal.Futher indictments have been made against individuals.

The domains seized in this instance were :


It now seems that the wise decision to make if you are a Gambling Affiliate is to no longer promote US facing properties as not only are the properties being shut down, they are also operating in a climate that makes getting earnings precipitous. Just today yet another announcement has been made that a Us facing affiliate program is to close. Following hot on the heels of the Casino Coins shutdown , Best Casino Partners has also announced that it is to close its doors. The software tah the Casino made use of and the Affiliate program was the Vegas Technology software that Casino Coins was a part off. These are indeed trying times for gambling affiliates in the United States and we urge you to take a look at markets outside of these areas to ensure that your revenue streams.

Written for Gambling Affiliate by Greg.


Affiliate Business Models

Written by admin on May 23rd, 2011. Posted in Gambling News

This post deals with the types of business models that gambling affiliates traditionally implement and looks at the events of the last few months and what we think affiliates should be looking at moving forward.

Traditionally Affiliates would base their entire strategy on earning revenue share. Because of the competitive nature of the industry and the high revenue share in this industry it has attracted and made a lot of revenue for webmasters. The revenue share model has also shared space with the CPA model and the CPC model has to our knowledge not got many users or takers. With recent events highlighting the fact that there is no transparency within the Gambling Affiliate Programs and the arbitrary nature that traffic sent to these venues has then been sold on to 3rd parties, what kind of revenue model should affiliates be pursuing.

We have altered our strategy to ensure that we are only promoting national brands that are publicly listed corporations. That means that there is some kind of accountability for actions taken whereas you are not able to do this with a private company. We have ensured that there is a mixture of Media Buys and Revenue share options. So the Program would have to pay a portion of money up front as a media buy and then revenue share based on results.

There has been much made of the action taken by the US government against the Poker companies in the recent Black Friday situation as it has come to be called, we are hoping for further regulation within the Poker and Gambling Affiliate market so that the kind of actions we have seen in the last few weeks do not occur again. There have been a number of distasteful scenarios playing out with the sale of the ASUSA database to Jackpot Capitol being amongst the most distasteful scenario i can yet remember. We have been members of the Brightshare Affiliate program for close to 10 years and they have simply via ASUSA sent on all of our players to a 3rd party and have not tagged players.

They do say that they are looking at the matter and are looking to see if tags can be implemented. I do hope for their sake that this is followed through and not merely lip service.

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CPA plus Revshare offer

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The popular Playtech Casino affiliate program – Wager Junction has unveiled its latest incentive. The program is one of the most respected within the gambling community and has some of the best terms in the industry.

The latest incentive sees the program offering partners a 20 dollar CPA for every new first time depositor plus normal revshare. The nice thing about this incentive is that it lets all partners earn some more cash. İf you are a super affiliate and you drive loads of traffic then you are going to earn a nice lump sum.If you drive less traffic then this is going to be a nice stocking fıller.

İf you have not yet joined the program then we recommend checking them out.

Visit Wager Junction


Casino Coins Closing

Written by admin on May 17th, 2011. Posted in Gambling News

It has been a stressful time for Gambling Affiliates who target the US market. Companies closing down and sending on players to 3rd party sites with no crediting of affiliates have been the order of the day. Well the news does not seem to be getting any better. Gambling Affiliates who promote Casino Coins properties ourselves included would have recieved an email today advising them re the shut down of the program which is happening today.

It is more than likely that the Casino Coins managment knew about the proposed shut down and why they waited so long to tell affiliates is an indication of how much they value their marketing partners. It also seems like karma for us, after writing an article yesterday on how to choose your partners to make sure you dont get burnt we get burnt. Ok it wont hurt us as badly as some as we have never given headline space to these properties but it does rankle some.

If you have any Casino Coins properties on your sites we recommend you change them to an alternative provider as soon as possible. One further recommendation is for you to look outside of the US for new markets as it seems Black Friday is taking its toll and extending its reach into the world of online casinos.

Written for by Greg.

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