Avoid Bewinners Affiliate Program

Written by admin on June 12th, 2011. Posted in Gambling News

Every now and again we feel the need to specifically highlight an affiliate program that needs to be avoided.In this post we want to highlight the Bewinners Affiliate program. This particular gambling affiliate program is the affiliate marketing arm of Bewin. It is quite simply put an affiliate program that needs to be avoided. The reasons for us coming to this conclusion are quite simple. The program implements what we and other marketers consider to be predatory policies. They will happily take your players but if for some reason there is no activity on your account for 90 days they will close your account and you will loose all of the players sent to them.

There have been a variety of posts in all of the major forums including this insight into a mail exchange between someone who had been marketing Bewin and Bewinners staff. Check out the thread.

It seems that the policies of this gambling affiliate program are at odds with what internet marketers consider the norm and to be honest from reading the mail exchange at the above thread , would you want to be dealing with a company like that. They appear not to even be able to make a wire payment so how can you trust their stats.

We would like to point you to a site that describes in full what you can expect from the Bewinners Affiliate program.

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