BetUS Affiliate Program Issues

Written by admin on June 16th, 2011. Posted in Gambling News

The fallout from the events of Black Friday in the poker world continue to affect gambling webmasters in the industry.  The BetUS affiliate program has seemingly been suspended from the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association for a number of breaches of the code of conduct. In a recent post the Executive Director of the GPWA, Michael Corfman laid out in full why the suspension was put in place.

The following are the reasons he has given for the suspension.
1. BetUS partners have become non-responsive to requests by the GPWA for information about the program.
2. The BetUS Poker and Casino site are reportedly now excluded from the BetUS Partner affiliate program.
3. The no-negative carryover rule that was previously in place has been dropped and negative earnings are now carried forward.
4. Payments for March have been made, but not payments for April or May at this point in time.
5. Affiliate reporting stats have not been available for several weeks, but it is reported they should be available again in about a week.
6. After BetUS announced that no new U.S. players would be accepted there was a period of time where new U.S. players were accepted but not credited to affiliates, but, at the present time, new U.S. players are no longer accepted.

It seems that the action taken by the Federal authorities has had a severe impact on gambling businesses that are US facing. In recent times we have seen the closure and the changing of terms of a number of gambling affiliate programs. The question needs to be asked, should these companies be allowed to change their Terms and Conditions to adapt to a new reality. Everything is always fine when the money rolls in , but what happens when these funds get cut off. Well a situation like we are in at the moment is what seems to happen. Perhaps it is time that the webmaster community within the gambling industry started to look at it self and instead of promoting non legal operations, it should only promote legal, licensed operations. Take a look at the full thread on the GPWA re BetUS issues.

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