Trade Doubler Affiliate Service

Written by admin on January 23rd, 2012. Posted in Gambling News

Trade Doubler is an affiliate network that has been around for a while and you would think that along with this longevity would come a commitment to providing a service to its webmasters who push products on the network.

We have had various experiences over the years with Trade Doubler and recently have started promoting the National Lottery via our EuroMillions site.

The service recieved from the Trade Doubler account manager to an emailed query is in my opinion absolutely astounding.

It has actually reminded us why we do not partner with Trade Doubler in more arenas. The typical gambling affiliate is used to getting positive or negative answers but at least make an effort to sound like you care.

We got an answer from the Trade Doubler representative today that simply stated – no and no . Nothing about , we will contact the client and find out about it. Perhaps this is a case of sour grapes or misunderstanding but  we do feel that Trade Doubler needs to up the ante in the gambling market.

The saying at the bottom of each Trade Doubler email is Market Like you mean it. In my opinion that is pretty difficult with the approach that Trade Doubler bring to servicing interested parties.

Written for Gambling Affiliate by Greg.

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